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Jeff Westphal and American Teammate Ken Dobson in the SCG003c project finished an amazing 3rd place in the last VLN race prior to the 24HR event this May 16th. Lightspeed Racing has rented the Get Speed Porsche 911 GT3 Cup car for American Drivers; Westphal and Dobson to become familiar with the 15 mile racetrack that they will be competing on with the highly popular and well documented SCG003c. The two Americans have been entered in both the SCG and the porsche in the past couple VLN events to build as much experience as possible, but with the few odd issues with SCG003, the Porsche turned out to be a wise back up plan for the two. In the most recent 4 Hour race, the Americans qualified 4th and finished 3rd in class (19th overall) of 190+ cars, proving that they aren’t just learning the “Green Hell” (Nurburgring), they are becoming specialists through the Eiffel Mountains in Germany.

“The team was concerned with our comfort in the car for such a long, demanding event. When you don’t know much about the track your racing on, the driver tends to me more tense, have a higher heart rate, and fatigue faster which is obviously not good for a 24HR race. So we have been racking up as many race miles as possible in the Get Speed Racing 911 GT3 Cup car…” explained Jeff.

Westphal and Dobson not only are becoming more confortable, they are becoming downright quick around the famous circuit, qualifying 20th overall and 4th in class in the most recent 4 HR race leading up to the 24, and scoring a podium finish of 3rd (19th overall) from a grid of 190+ cars. “I can’t thank Lightspeed Racing, Get Speed and Ken Dobson enough, the experience around this place wouldn’t be possible without any of them, and to be able to snag this result is just proof in the pudding that our hard work and preparation is paying off. This is probably the most fun I’ve had in a racecar around any track, there is just SO much going on with elevations constantly, camber changes, bumps, you never stop working!” elated the Californian.

With a 4 HR race that had mixed conditions on numerous accounts, the SCG003c drivers are gaining important knowledge of the circuit in which they will race twice around the clock against the best GT3 machinery in the world in May. SCG003c is famous in it’s short life because it is a groundbreaking GT3 design that will change the way the cars are built from here on out, due to it’s forward thinking and creative process behind the design and shape of this beautiful machine. “I can’t wait to drive hope in the 24HR this May, its such a good looking GT3 car and the yellow sets the lines of the car off well to the eye and the lens on track.”


Here is a lap around the Nurburgring with Jeff in the Get Speed Porsche from April 25th, 2015 during the VLN2 race;