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VLN 7 set the stage for the return of SCG003C to racing, the Nurburgring and the VLN championship since it’s debut 24HR’s event earlier this year. SCG003c is a racecar from the Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus team, their second automobile built and one of two in the world currently. American driver Jeff Westphal has been fortunate to develop and race SCG003c since the cars inception and testing earlier this year. With the team based in Turin, Italy, the focus has been on the grueling 24Hrs of Nurburgring, an endurance race around the worlds longest and most famous automobile testing circuit, 15+ miles in length with 144 corners, and an average speed well over 100mph.

“The weekends come and go pretty quick, with practice on Friday evening, qualifying Saturday morning and race start happening just 2 hours later, there is high risk everywhere on the lap and no time to fix the car from a misstep, so it’s important to be on your game right away.” Explained Jeff. Fortunately, when a rouge car that had stopped on track during practice began to roll backwards down a hill on a blind corner and struck Jeff’s car, it did very little damage to the #702 SCG003c allowing them to be ready for qualifying Saturday morning without a hitch. You can see the video here:

“As with most days in this region of Germany, rain can come and go in minutes, and frequently with a track of this length you will have rain in one spot, and 10 miles of dry track beyond it, so choosing the right tire (rain, intermediate, or dry) is crucial, but also can be down to luck of the draw with where in the lap sequence you are. My first time driving here, I experienced snow for about 1 mile in my lap, and sun everywhere else.”

Qualifying was wet, with the car heading out and in the pits for driver changes and tire selections throughout the 2 hour session where each driver must do at least 1 lap. “We missed the optimal window where about 10 of the 150 cars were able to get a full dry lap with slick tires on, so the starting order was pretty jumbled up.” Said Westphal. His SCG003c would start 49th of 150+ cars, and 4th in class for the 6HR event.


When Westphal arrived to the garage for his double stint in the car (2 fuel tanks worth of driving back to back, 2+ hrs) the car had advanced up the grid 18 spots in the beginning 3.5 hours of the race. Jeff climbed aboard and proceeded to run the fastest race laps of the car for the next 2 hours, allowing them to gain a few more positions on track after the field had spread out. “I was pushing really hard as the car has been improved since our last outing which is exciting. Such is the nature of a new car, it will need some time for development to refine all the systems and characteristics of the car to get them to gel together and be optimized but I am really looking forward to the next time I drive because we are starting to get to the last 5% of where we should be, and a tire development should be a substantial part of that.” SCG003c #702 and sister car finished 3rd and 1st in class respectively.

Jeff will return to the “ring” for VLN 9 to evaluate the next generation tire for the car, as well as continue to refine systems in prep for the 24HRs of Nurburgring 2016. “I’d like to thank all of my partners for helping me along the journey in various ways; Lightspeed Racing, Hammer Nutrition, TNVC inc, Sparco USA, MSTR, and GoPro. They all help make this incredible journey possible, especially Hammer Nutrition for the supplements and performance fuels that keep me sharp in a hot racecar for hours where my heart rate is above 130bpm. It really is a life saver!”

Catch Jeff and SCG003C at VLN9, October 16-17 at Nurbrugring, Germany for another round of development leading up to the 2016 24HRS of Nurburgring with “macchina due” #702

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