Jeff Westphal and Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus with Light Speed Racing return to the “green hell” for VLN9, a 4 hour endurance race which will be the first for the team since the 24 Hour earlier this May. The chassis has been rebuilt from the crash that left the #702 out before the 24 race started, and the plan was to continue the refinement of the racecar in prep for the 24HR next year.

Jeff Westphal, Thomas Mutsch and EVO Magazine editor Jethro Bovingdon were to compete in the 4HR contest, and did so in specatular fashion placing the SCG003c in the top 10 overall in her Encore appearance in the Eifel Mountains.

Westphal did the heavy lifting in the race, jumping in after Thomas’s great start during the single stint (fuel distance) and did almost a full double stint (2+ hours) before handing the car to Bovingdon for the final 4 laps.

The ultra rare SCG003c Blitzed around the 14+ mile lap in the German mountains in under 8:30 min every lap Mutsch or Wespthal were at the helm, and Jethro wasn’t far off in his first crack at the wheel for the race.

“I am proud of the team for rallying together, making the modification and rebuilding the car, as well as Jethro for jumping in the deep end with us in a car that’s intimidating to drive just knowing how much it costs, let alone around this place. He did a good job for us, and took the checkered flag in 10th place, so we secured the second top 10 for SCG003c.” said Westphal

Westphal, Mutsch and the #702 will be back later this year for the final race of the VLN championship, VLN10 to continue to ratchet the performance of this beautiful machine towards the front of the grid!

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