2015 - United SportsCar Championship - Petit Le Mans

Petit Le Mans, the infamous 10-hour finale around the Road Atlanta road course has been the closing round of the major GT Championship in the US for years, and in 2015 this would be no different. The IMSA United Sportscar Championship was to be won in 3 of the 4 classes during this endurance event.

Scuderia Corsa came into this race with their full season entry (#63 458 GT) in third place, but still mathematically capable of walking away with the championship crown. Enter the #64 Scuderia Corsa entry with Sonic Tools and Ferrari of Atlanta, the all Pro second car slated to help the #63 during the race with protection and strategic placement on track in the 10 hour event. Jeff Westphal, along with Brazilian stock car Daniel Serra, and Italian Ferrari regular Matteo Cressoni were gathered to pilot the 64; to protect 63, and if necessary go for an all out, all risk, win for Ferrari to secure the manufacturers championship.


“When the phone rang regarding Petit, I knew exactly what was expected of me before it was even explained. I know Townsend and Bill in the 63 had a chance to secure the championship the race before, but ran into some trouble in the closing minutes of the race at COTA which blew the championship wide open again, and the team as well as Ferrari wanted to give it their best shot to win 2 in 3 years.” Said Jeff

The stage was set for an epic show down, 12 cars, 4 of them fighting for every inch to secure a championship (team, manufacturers, or drivers.) To make it more exciting, weather was looming with buckets of rain falling all weekend, so the race would be treacherous, every single lap for 10 hours. Some would say it was the worst weather Petit had seen in the history of the event, massive puddles, rivers flowing across the surface, and no sign of letting up.

2015 - United SportsCar Championship - Petit Le Mans

“It certainly goes down as the most challenging race I’ve ever competed in, we were literally floating around the track lap after lap, trying to avoid standing water, while still reaching 150+ mph during the lap. At times the water was so bad, the prototype drivers were spinning off the track and the race director put the race under yellow behind the safety car until they could try and clear some of the larger puddles off the surface with a blower. In moment I questioned weather it was a good idea for us to be out there, but in the end, we were able to work the strategy such and keep our 64 between the two main competitors we needed to beat to win the title, which was an enormous feeling of achievement in the end.” Explained Westphal.

Westphal stayed P2 behind the 63, protecting the sister car for almost his entire double stint (2+hours) in the car, which In the end, was able to secure the manufacturers championship for Ferrari, the Team Championship for Scuderia Corsa, and the Drivers championship for Bell/Sweedler at the close of the shortened race due to un-drivable conditions at the 7.5 Hour mark.

2015 - United SportsCar Championship - Petit Le Mans

Jeff Westphal Racing would like to thank all of the partners that made this possible;
Sonic Tools USA
Ferrari of Atlanta
Scuderia Corsa
Hammer Nutrition
Sparco USA