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VLN2 was the last event prior to SCG003’s 2016 campaign at the 24HRs of Nurburgring, where Jeff Westphal and the #702 were finalizing everything before the long event. “This was a great event for us, because we took many positives away from it with our next event being the target we have been prepping for.” Said Jeff.


The Californian was slated to qualify the car last of his teammates, when the track would likely have a best conditions concerning rain. With that said, the unknown factor was the fact that there were over 190 cars entered, so that made it roughly 8 cars per kilometer of track. Luckily Jeff managed to get through the traffic well, and put the SCG003c First overall when the checkered flag flew, only to be bumped to 3rd overall as the remaining cars finished their laps that had been started in the final minute of the qualifying session. “The qualifying result was a big step for us, because the top 4 in this race are invited into the Top 30 session during the 24hr weekend, which has only the 30 cars on track, or much less traffic than usual. It also gives you a blue blinking light in the car, so the traffic ahead knows you are one of the fastest 30 cars at night, helping with the traffic during the night with rain.” Explained Westphal.

The race distance was the short/standard 4HR length, and Westphal was going to close the race out meaning he would enter the car with 1hr 30mins to go. His team mates took the first and second stint, where the green flag was thrown with rain and a wet track. However the rain stopped shortly after the start, and began drying quickly during the first lap. Many cars deviated to the pit lane to change tires immediately, and 702 elected to stay out until lap 3 on the rain tires and drying track, in favor of avoiding a splash of fuel to finish the race. The track became dry so fast, that the time/pace lost in laps 1-3 was more than the splash of fuel was going to cost, so with a 4 minute deficit to the leaders, 702 jumped back on strategy and began climbing up the standings. At the lowest point, 702 was 26th, but Thomas Mutsch drove the car up to 22nd, and Andreas Simonsen drove the car up to 18th during his 8 lap stint. Westphal got in with just under 1.5 hours to go in 18th, and battled fiercely for his 10 lap run with a splash of fuel, as well as dealt with a massive rainstorm on dry tires for the last 2 laps to finish 12th overall, and 1st in the SPX class. “I am really proud of the team to be able to rebound so quickly after the non optimal strategy chosen. This is a skill we will need next month in the 24, and we made some significant progress with the handling of the car since the 6HR Qualifying race 2 weeks ago.” Elated the Californian.


Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus and Lightspeed Racing will contest the 24HRs of Nurburgring this May 29th, of 2016 with the #702 SCG003c. They would like to thank all of their partners, as well as the partners of Jeff Westphal Racing for their continued support;

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